Dental veneer; It is one of the frequently used methods since it is an extremely comfortable, economical and practical procedure instead of tooth damage or prosthesis instead of extracted teeth. Dental coating methods, which allow the teeth to be obtained by cloning the teeth for aesthetic reasons and the teeth desired by the patient, also offer the opportunity to cover the teeth that have undergone excessive substance loss for various reasons with tooth-shaped materials. Tooth coating methods, which come to the forefront with their benefits in having healthy teeth, are increasing their popularity day by day because they do not harm the teeth and contribute to the longer life of the teeth.

It is possible that the teeth will lose their whiteness and durability with aging. In addition, factors such as tooth decay and fractures can lead to the formation of an unhealthy mouth structure. Aesthetic dentistry procedures cover many different applications for people who want their teeth to restore their former appearance and health. Zirconium dental coating, which has replaced metal coatings in recent years, is one of the most advantageous methods that can be applied to people who want to have natural, healthy and good looking teeth.

What is Zirconium Dental Coating?

One of the most important contributions of the developments in technology to dental procedures is that more durable and aesthetic materials can be used every day. The procedure of coating the tooth surfaces using zirconium, which is among these materials, is called zirconium tooth coating. Zirconium coating is also known as crown or crown.

Zirconium tooth coating provides aesthetic prosthesis treatments in dental treatments thanks to its light transmittance, white color and durability. Therefore, it is often applied. Zirconium dental coating is often used for the restoration of carious teeth and anyone who wants to have whiter teeth and an aesthetic smile can be a candidate for zirconium tooth coating treatment.

Zirconium tooth coating is suitable for use on front and back teeth. While zirconium tooth coating treatment on the front teeth provides an aesthetically beautiful appearance, an effective integrity is created in terms of strength when zirconium tooth coating is applied to the back teeth.

The life of zirconium dental coating can vary between 5 and 15 years depending on the tooth structure and many different factors for each patient. The application of the treatment by expert and experienced dentists in this field, the complete fulfillment of the patient’s oral and dental care routine and the fact that they do not disrupt dentist visits are the factors that prolong the use of zirconium dental coatings.

How is Zirconium Tooth Coating Done?

For the zirconium tooth coating procedure, which offers healthy and aesthetic results, there should be no problems in the patient’s gum health. The first step in a possible gum problem is to carry out the treatment of the gums. After the healing process is completed, aesthetic evaluation is performed.

If the patient’s laughing line is high and needed, the process of leveling the gum lengths is applied. After the necessary corrections are made in the teeth, measurements are taken by using special measurement materials. With the measurements taken, the teeth are cut and the three-dimensional structure of the teeth is transferred to the computer environment using scanners.

Using the system called CAD – CAM, zircon blocks are prepared and the substructures of the teeth are created. After the teeth transferred to zirconium oxide blocks are given their final shape, the baking stage is started. After the baking stage, the process is completed by adding porcelain in the appropriate color determined for the patient on the substructures.

If there is no problem in the mouth after the infrastructure rehearsals, the final arrangements are made and the coated coatings with a polished and smooth surface are fixed on the patient’s teeth. In zirconium tooth coating treatment, the patient does not feel pain or pain because local anesthesia is applied before the teeth are cut and reduced. In addition, during the measurement and oral scanning procedures, the patient does not feel any discomfort.

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Who is Zirconium Dental Coating Suitable For?

Although zirconium dental coating treatment seems to be a dental procedure that provides aesthetic benefits predominantly;

  • Restoration of teeth, where excessive loss of substances is involved,
  • Treatment of advanced discoloration and staining that cannot be removed by tooth whitening methods,
  • Repair of old fillings whose structure has deteriorated,
  • Its use as a bridge or coating on the back group teeth,
  • Treatment of split or slightly crooked and turned teeth where orthodontic treatment method is not preferred,
  • Making anterior group implant prostheses,
  • It can be used to provide smile aesthetics.

Since zirconium tooth coating is a fixed treatment, it can be applied to people whose development has been completed with tooth and jaw growth. Since the development period lasts from 18 to 20 years of age and as a result of jaw growth, openings may occur between zirconium dental coatings, it is not recommended to apply before this process is completed.

Patients who have teeth clenching problems for psychological reasons, whose teeth are clamped or who have the habit of gnawing hard objects may be treated with zirconium tooth coating after applying treatments to solve their problems.

Zirconium dental coating treatment can be applied to people whose teeth are damaged, broken or decayed, whose gums are lower or higher than normal, who have irregularities in the tooth drawing in an excessively short or excessively long way, and who want their teeth to always look clean, white and beautiful.

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What are the Damages of Zirconium Dental Coating?

Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama Nedir

Zirconium tooth coating treatment can cause deformation at the tooth root or by rubbing against other teeth. Its corrosive effect can cause a feeling of discomfort. Zirconium dental coatings may be more difficult to integrate into the tooth than other coating methods. When the patient’s deficiencies are side by side and in large numbers, that is, the zirconium tooth coating method cannot be used in long tooth cavities.

In some patients, pain or discomfort may occur during the biting action after zirconium tooth coating application. This is often caused by incorrect positioning of the coatings. This problem can be eliminated by adjusting the coating height.

In cases where the coatings are placed incorrectly or the adhesives used to secure the coating are insufficient, there may be a risk of the coatings falling off from time to time. In such cases, the coatings can be re-replaced or replaced.

Zirconium Dental Coating Prices

Zirconium dental coating is one of the dentistry procedures that has attracted great attention recently. Zirconium coating has the feature of being a slightly higher priced application than other dental coating applications. In the zirconium tooth coating procedure, which is a healthy and aesthetic application, zirconium, a white element, is used instead of metal as the infrastructure. One of the most important advantages of zirconium that makes it frequently preferred is that it provides a natural appearance on the front teeth and its resistance to chewing on the back teeth comes to the forefront.

Zirconium dental coating treatment is applied in accordance with the planning made for each patient. In addition, each service that applies zirconium dental coating treatment has its own price policy. For this reason, it would only be misleading to talk about a standard pricing for zirconium dental coating prices.

People who want to have zirconium tooth coating should consult dentists, after the dental examination, treatment should be planned and pricing should be made according to the scope of the procedure to be applied.

Zirconium dental coating prices are determined depending on the price policy of the clinic that will perform the application, how many teeth will be treated with zirconium, whether different dental procedures are needed and similar factors. In addition to these, the quality of the materials to be used during zirconium tooth coating and which technologies are used may also cause changes in zirconium tooth coating prices.

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