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Emax & Empress teeth, the use of which has frequently increased in recent years, are produced from porcelain that is reinforced porcelain in its infrastructure or completely reinforced as a block. This method, known as Emax & Empress dental coating or Empress tooth coating and stands out with its durability, attracts great attention because it is the most advanced tooth closure method in terms of aesthetics.

Emax & Empress based on lithium disilicate glass is a ceramic tooth coating treatment consisting of elements such as lithium dioxide, alumina, quartz and potassium oxide. The most important difference between other coatings and Emax & Empress dental coatings is that they do not have metal or zirconium in their infrastructure.

What is Emax Tooth?

Emax tooth, which is one of the most preferred crowns of dentists, is very advantageous with its long-lasting and durable structure. The reason behind its durability is that it is made of lithium disilicate ceramic ingots. With its appearance resembling natural teeth, it provides an aesthetically satisfactory appearance. In addition to its durability, it is extremely likely to be preferred because it offers the appearance and feeling of a natural tooth.

One of the most important features of emax teeth is that they are strikingly similar to natural teeth and are among the most vivid materials to be used for a crown. Emax tooth, which attracts attention with its translucent structure, has the feature of coloration suitable for all tooth tones. Since it is made entirely of ceramic and does not contain metal, the glare in natural teeth is also achieved in Emax teeth.

Emax dental coating is at the forefront with its resistance to crumbling. Unlike porcelain and zirconium coatings, the risk of breakage and cracking is less in Emax dental coatings. The use of Emax dental coating is usually encountered in front group incisors.

What is Empress Tooth?

In the treatment of Empress dental coating, which is one of the popular dentistry procedures, porcelain types that are increased in durability by reinforcing glass ceramics placed on ceramic pieces and do not contain any metal materials are used. Empress tooth coating is also called porcelain tooth because its content consists of ceramics. Due to the aesthetic appearance it provides, the use of Empress dental coating, which gives successful results especially in front teeth, is also encountered in molars.

Why is Emax & Empress Teeth Made?

Emax & Empress dental coating has the feature of being specially reinforced porcelain without metal infrastructure. In patients who have Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, perfect aesthetics and gum harmony can be achieved. Emax & Empress dental coating is often used in patients with high aesthetic expectations due to light transmittance and similarity to natural teeth and in patients aiming for a comfortable use in the front area of the mouth. Although Emax & Empress dental coating is mostly preferred in the front group teeth of the mouth, zirconium tooth coating treatment can be applied in patients who expect an aesthetic appearance and high resistance in the posterior teeth.

Before starting Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, the patient undergoes a detailed oral examination. The teeth to be corrected in the mouth area are detected. Emax & Empress dental coating treatment is one of the best options in cases where patients have complaints about the front group teeth in the mouth and correction is required in the front group teeth. The application of Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, which can be applied to make an aesthetic dental coating on a single tooth, may not be preferred in cases with tooth deficiency.

How is Emax & Empress Teeth Made?

The success of Emax & Empress dental coating treatment is directly related to the correct planning for the patient. Before starting the treatment, the patient’s teeth are photographed and the measurements of the teeth are taken. In preparation for Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, abrasion is applied on the teeth.

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After the teeth are made suitable for Emax & Empress tooth coating treatment with the abrasion process, re-measurement is taken. According to the measurements taken from the patient, Emax & Empress dental coatings are prepared in the laboratory and compatibility is checked. Emax & Empress dental coating treatment is terminated by gluing Emax & Empress dental coatings using medical adhesives.

What are the Advantages of Emax & Empress Teeth?

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Within the scope of Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, color determination and color control procedures can be performed in the most appropriate form with natural teeth. Emax & Empress dental coating is one of the most advantageous dental procedures due to its high light transmittance.

Emax & Empress dental coating treatment can be applied not only to eliminate the deformities in the front group teeth, but also to eliminate the physical deformities in the back teeth. The strength of your Emax & Empress dental coating, which maintains its resistance to abrasions for a long time, is one of the reasons why it is one of the frequently preferred dentistry procedures.

In order to maintain the integrity of Emax & Empress dental coatings and to preserve the results obtained for a long time, patients should apply their oral and dental care routines completely after treatment and should not disrupt regular dental examinations. Bad breath and color changes in the teeth caused by the unhealthy teeth can be eliminated with Emax & Empress tooth coating method. If Emax & Empress dental coating treatment is applied successfully, it will be possible to have healthy teeth that are compatible with the natural tooth appearance.

Emax & Empress dental coating treatment does not cause any damage to the tooth structure. After treatment, a purplish color does not occur on the gums or on the edge of the teeth. Emax & Empress tooth coating, which provides a smooth and slippery tooth structure, is also a method that reduces sensitivity in the teeth.

In Which Cases Should Emax & Empress Teeth Be Applied?

Emax & Empress dental coating treatment;

Wear and damage to the front teeth,
Damage to small molars,
Advanced staining and discoloration of teeth,
Fractures in the teeth caused by trauma or tooth decay,
It can be applied if there are normally extra gaps between the teeth.

After Emax & Empress dental coating treatment, patients can have healthy properly aligned teeth and aesthetic smiles as a result. Emax & Empress dental coating treatment gives the best results in front teeth where aesthetic concerns are more pronounced.

In addition to all these;

  • Teeth with discolorations due to devitalization, fluoride, tetracycline or aging,
  • In teeth that cannot be removed from the discolorations that occur after root canal treatment,
  • In teeth with diastema problem,
  • Deformations with deficiencies such as enamel hypoplasia, that is, in teeth with enamel defects,
  • In malposed teeth where there is a position and alignment error,
  • In teeth with deformation or abrasion,
  • Emax & Empress dental coating treatment can be applied to achieve aesthetically targeted improvements in a large number of restored teeth.

Emax & Empress dental coating treatment is not applied to the cavities where there are tooth deficiencies, to the teeth with metal pivot added with root canal treatment and to the teeth with metal abutment on which implant treatment has been treated.

Emax & Empress Dental Coating Prices

Emax & Empress dental coating prices are determined by evaluating different factors. Factors such as the current status of the oral and dental health of the patient to be treated, how many teeth the Emax & Empress dental coating will be applied to, the characteristics of the material to be used, whether different dental procedures will be applied in addition to Emax & Empress dental coating treatment and the price policy of the clinic where the treatment will be performed are decisive on Emax & Empress dental coating prices.

Since it is a dental procedure that can only be applied to healthy teeth, if Emax & Empress tooth coating needs a tooth, caries or a different dental treatment, treatments for these problems should be applied first. Otherwise, Emax & Empress dental coating treatment will not be applied to the tooth.

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