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Applies current and successful techniques with jaw joint treatment; we take care of the comfort of the mouth for our patients to lead a comfortable life.

Jaw joint disorders, which are seen in many people, may adversely affect the quality of life of individuals. It is possible to prevent jaw joint disorders that cause problems and restriction in the implementation of daily activities such as eating and yawning.

In our clinic, we determine the treatment method according to the extent of the disease and pain. In this way, we shape the process to restore a painless and normal jaw process with the most appropriate jaw joint treatment.

Treatment of Jaw Joint Problems

Since the jaw joint is a section that serves the basic needs of people such as eating and talking, it is very effective on the comfort of daily life. We intervene on jaw joint treatment with up-to-date and technological methods. In this way, we plan the treatment process of our patients professionally and meticulously.

The main purpose of jaw joint treatment is for people to regain painless and normal jaw functions. In this process, we offer a comprehensive jaw joint treatment by communicating with our patients and with continuous controls. Depending on the course of the disease, the treatment process is determined accordingly along with the necessary controls. Many symptoms; with the elimination of discomfort disappears. Therefore, with the treatment of the jaw joint, pain and discomfort in most patients end in a short time. In addition, some applications may be recommended depending on the situation. Although it is recommended in a smaller number of patients, a soft diet may be recommended to people if necessary.

Soft diet supports the jaw joint with the consumption of soft foods for a while, unlike chewing that is dense and tires the jaw muscles. In addition, we offer relaxation suggestions such as jaw opening-closing exercises and hot or cold application for patients when necessary at the point of jaw joint treatment. All these applications may be necessary in some of the patients. Apart from this, it is possible to make different suggestions such as drug support and splint application if necessary. However, successful results are usually obtained with the treatment of the jaw joint suitable for the patient’s mouth structure.

We determine according to the treatment method that our clients need in the jaw joint and provide services by offering the best treatment recommendation in this direction. As a requirement of principled working understanding, we pay attention to regular controls and continue to be in constant communication with our patients.

Some Factors That Cause Jaw Joint Discomfort

People who apply to our clinic for jaw joint treatment may experience jaw joint discomfort for different reasons. In this case, the first intervention we perform is to determine the source of the jaw joint discomfort with the examination. We start the treatment process with our determination and careful work. Although it may occur due to different reasons, it is possible to talk about some basic problems in jaw joint disorders.

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Teeth Clenching and Teeth Grinding Problems

Problems such as teeth clenching and teeth grinding can cause serious problems such as abrasion, fracture and gingival recession in the teeth when they gain continuity and do not apply the necessary treatment. In addition, sensitivity to heat and cold; again, various joint disorders may occur due to excessive load load with the jaw joint. Therefore, problems such as teeth clenching and teeth grinding are disorders that make it obligatory to consult a specialist dentist. This disorder, which causes too much load to be placed on the jaw joint through the teeth, may cause irreversible functional and aesthetic disorders. That is why it is so important to start treatment as early as possible.

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Joint Splint

In the process of jaw joint treatment, one of the important elements is the use of splints. If necessary, we recommend splint application to our patients and carry out the necessary treatments to prevent this discomfort. Personalized transparent plaques on the upper or lower jaw, which aim to regulate the way the jaw closes, are comfortable to use.

Another useful feature of the splint is that it protects the teeth against problems such as teeth clenching or grinding and thus prevents tooth damage that may occur. In addition to the other methods we apply in the treatment of jaw joint, we prefer the use of joint splints if necessary. The treatment process is all about how the patient can gain the comfort of life in the shortest time. For this reason, we follow a personalized examination and treatment process in our clinic.

Important Elements in the Treatment of Jaw Joint

As in all other treatment processes, it is important to be in contact with the specialist dentist in the treatment of the jaw joint. You can apply to us directly with any questions or concerns you are curious about and we can easily monitor your condition in post-treatment controls. In this way, the process of treatment of the jaw joint is carried out with a successful and high-quality intervention. We are with you in every issue you wonder and request about the treatment process.

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