When it comes to oral care, many people think of situations such as toothache, tooth decay, tooth loss or bad breath and solutions for them, but smile aesthetics, that is, smile design applications that focus on tooth and gum health and appearance, are becoming more prominent day by day.

Aesthetic problems caused by caries in the teeth, crowding in the alignment of the teeth, abnormal staining and color changes, gum diseases or tooth loss can also adversely affect the social lives and self-confidence of individuals. In cases where there is a lack of self-confidence due to these reasons, individuals may hesitate to take photos, laugh or talk, or even prefer to cover their mouths with their hands.

On the other hand, although some people have completely healthy teeth, there may be disproportion, shape and deformities between their teeth and gums. The resulting appearance may cause the person to be aesthetically unpleasant. Thanks to the development and change in technology and dentistry, aesthetic dentistry procedures are diversifying day by day and it is possible to have more beautiful and effective smiles.

What is Smile Aesthetics Design?

Smile design, which is one of the most popular applications within aesthetic dentistry, is actually an extremely comprehensive process. In order to give the teeth and gums that have lost their aesthetic appearance as a result of various factors the most natural and beautiful appearance, planning should be made by evaluating the face shape and expectations of the person. Smile design, which is a multidisciplinary approach in which different procedures determined specifically for the needs and expectations of the patient are applied, has an increasing popularity in recent years.

The smile design applied in order to have natural looking teeth that are compatible with the patient’s own face and jaw structure at the same time should be planned for each patient. Within the scope of smile design, the colors of the patient’s teeth and the health of the gums can be improved. Although smile design plays a critical role in ensuring that patients have a beautiful, healthy and remarkable smile, there are some differences in the application of smile design to women and men. The main difference in this regard arises at the point of necessity of obtaining round-oval teeth in women and more rectangular teeth in men.

What Procedures Does Smile Aesthetics Design Include?

Smile design, which is a comprehensive treatment process that differs from person to person, is applied to change the color, shape and surface structure of the teeth. When the procedures to be applied within the scope of smile design are determined individually, it is ensured that the different aesthetic needs of each patient are met. Various factors, especially the patient’s age, gender, facial features, expectations and needs, can be evaluated and the procedures to be performed within the scope of smile design can be determined.

Before smile design applications are planned, the patient’s tooth and gum health is evaluated. In cases where any problems are detected, their treatment is carried out first. The smile design procedures to be applied are determined by evaluating the needs and expectations of the patient and can be listed as follows: Prosthesis and implant applications for the elimination of tooth deficiencies, dental coating, porcelain laminate, zirconium coating, orthodontic treatment and professional tooth whitening applications.

Is Smile Aesthetics Design Permanent?

There are some points that the patient should pay attention to in order to maintain the permanence of the appearance obtained as a result of the applications performed within the scope of smile aesthetics for a long time. The most important of these is the correct and complete implementation of the oral and dental care routine. After smile design, patients should not disrupt routine dental check-ups. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the treatments should be planned specifically for the patient in order to achieve the desired results. One of the most important points to be considered for this is to consult dentists who are experts and experienced in the field.

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How is Smile Aesthetics Design Done?

The success of smile design depends on the correct analysis of the needs and aesthetic expectations for each patient and the planning in this direction. Within the scope of the treatment plan prepared after the needs and expectations are evaluated, the patient’s oral and dental measurements are taken and models are removed. The planning step is completed according to the problems that need to be treated.

After the patient’s mouth and face are photographed, measurements are made with special programs used in the computer environment. The purpose of this is to see how the result to be obtained will be compatible with the patient’s face shape and aesthetic expectations. The approximate appearance to be obtained upon the completion of the treatment should be presented to the patient through the restorations prepared in accordance with the computer programs and mouth measurements and the conformity should be obtained.

If the patient does not need orthodontic treatment after the treatment planning is completed, the first step is to regulate the level disorders in the gums. If there is a deficiency of one or more teeth, the deficiencies are completed with the methods deemed appropriate. When the healing process is completed after surgical procedures and implant procedures, tooth whitening is performed if necessary.

Visual and formal disorders in the teeth are eliminated with aesthetic composite fillings or laminated or zirconium coatings according to the current situation. Porcelain lamination method is mostly applied with very little abrasion on the teeth or there may be situations where no abrasion is required.

In cases where porcelain or zirconium coating will be made, the patient’s approval should be obtained during the rehearsal, and when necessary, the changes requested by the patient and deemed appropriate by the dentist should be made. Evaluating the shape and contour of the lips during gum and dental applications and these rehearsals, and as a result, giving the final shape to the target design is very important for the success of smile aesthetics.

In order to improve the results to be obtained in some patients, medical aesthetic procedures such as dermal filler injection to the lip and face area may be included in the smile design process.

How Many Days Does Smile Aesthetics Design Last?

Gülüş Estetiği Nedir

Since smile aesthetics is a procedure planned for the person, how long it will take to complete it is different in each patient according to the scope of the procedure. The purpose of smile aesthetics is to ensure that the person has the most beautiful and most compatible with the lines, that is, the most natural smile. Since the procedures that should be applied for this purpose differ according to the current situation, structural features, needs and expectations in each patient, how long the smile aesthetics will be completed may also change.

For this reason, what needs to be done is to examine the patient whose smile design will be made, to plan the procedures to be applied in detail and to inform how long the smile aesthetics will be completed in particular for the procedures to be applied.

Smile Aesthetics Design Prices

It is not possible to give standard information such as the completion time of smile aesthetics about smile aesthetic prices. Because the applications to be performed within the scope of smile aesthetics are not standard in every patient. In order to give precise information about smile design prices, the patient should be examined and all the procedures to be done, in other words, the scope of the smile design application should be determined. At this point, it may be possible to inform the patient about smile aesthetic prices.

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