Everyone wants to have healthy, strong and white teeth. Even if teeth are brushed regularly, they may lose their whiteness for various reasons. For this, tooth whitening is applied. Teeth whitening is a procedure performed by dentists. This procedure, which allows the tooth color to reach lighter tones, can be done to have whiter and healthier teeth.

Teeth whitening process performed by specialist dentists; It is applied to people with appropriate mouth, tooth and gum structure. According to the patient’s condition, the appropriate one among the tooth whitening methods is selected and the treatment is started. After a short treatment process, the teeth achieve the desired whiteness. Teeth whitening is done quickly and easily using many advanced whitening methods. Using reliable, practical techniques, effective results can be achieved in a short time.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness?

Teeth lose their whiteness over time for many reasons. There are two important factors in the loss of teeth whiteness. These are external coloration and internal coloration.

External Coloration: Smoking, tea and coffee consumption, acidic foods and drinks, consumption of foods containing food coloring cause yellowing and staining on the teeth. This staining can be removed with simple whitening techniques.

Internal Coloration: It is usually the discoloration of the teeth due to health problems. Apart from this, the primary factor of internal discoloration is the change of color of the teeth in the teeth treated with root canal treatment. The main reason for the internal discoloration in the cases seen is mostly the graying, pinking or bruising of the teeth treated with root canal treatment over time.

In addition to these discolorations, health problems experienced in childhood, aging and malnutrition also cause discoloration in the teeth. Tooth whitening method is applied in both types of coloration. According to the color of the teeth, the structure of the mouth and the condition of the gum, one of the various tooth whitening techniques is applied.

What are Our Teeth Whitening Methods?

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With the developing technology, teeth whitening is a very easy and fast process. When determining the tooth whitening method, the condition of the person, the tooth structure and the color of the tooth are examined. The method of teeth whitening is done in two ways. These are office type whitening and home type whitening methods.

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Office Type Whitening Method: It is a method performed by the dentist in the clinic. This method, which consists of whitening gels and rays, gives fast results. It is usually applied in the form of 2 sessions one week apart. It is applied twice in each session for 15 minutes. In this way, whitening of the teeth appears. The whitening tone appears after the procedure and it is not possible to determine a clear tone before the procedure. After the bleaching process, the openings in the color tones of our patients continue again. We do not recommend teeth whitening in people who constantly consume cigarettes and coffee.

Home Type Whitening Method: In this whitening method, a measurement is taken from the patient’s teeth and mouth. Whitening plaque designed in accordance with this size is given to the patient. This plaque, which contains whitening gel, can be worn between 4 and 6 hours a day. Between 8 and 15 days, whitening of the teeth appears more clearly

We recommend that you apply a combination of office whitening and home whitening to get the most effective results.

To Whom Do We Apply Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The reason why teeth whitening is not recommended for people under the age of 18 is that the tooth structure is not fully established. In addition, it is not recommended to apply tooth whitening technique to pregnant women, lactating women, those with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, people with tooth sensitivity, people with various oral and gum problems and people with carious teeth. Before the tooth whitening technique, if there are various oral and dental problems, they should be treated and then teeth whitening should be done. Otherwise, dental and oral problems can grow and cause different health problems.

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