Why Nazan Nur Arık?

Aesthetic Dentistry

I provide that any intervention I make on your teeth is in accordance with the natural tooth tissue and within the framework of aesthetic parameters.

I Can Produce Permanent Solutions for Your Missing Teeth

It is possible to complete your tooth loss with implant treatment without damaging your neighboring teeth. You do not have to use more removable prostheses.

I Work with Personalized Materials and Treatment Plans

Within the scope of aesthetic and functional dentistry, I use personalized materials and apply customized treatment protocols in all my treatments.

I’m Aware of Your Concerns

Being aware of your concerns and apprehension, I am informing you about all treatment stages. I understand you and your demands in the best way, and I provide you with the most aesthetic smile.

I Care About Your Oral and Dental Health

I care about your oral and dental health while planning your treatment process in the most appropriate way for you. We can create the most aesthetic smile for you with a meticulous and professional treatment process.

Follow Follow Follow

I care about your teeth and gum health. I aim to always protect your oral and dental health and continuously by following your control appointments every six months.


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Aesthetic and Functional Dentistry

Who is Dt Nazan Nur Arık?

I graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry (English). I continue my studies in the field of Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry. I participated in more than 50 trainings and congresses/seminars. In 2017, I made a presentation at the TAOMS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery) Congress.

CADA, EDAD, TOID, ESCD are organizations that I am a member of. My main areas of expertise are: Aesthetic Smile (Smile Design), Digital Smile Design, Hollywood Smile, Filling, Root Canal Treatment, Jaw Joint Problems, Implant Surgery, Aesthetic Dental Materials, Zirconium Crown, and Lamina Veneers.

functional dentistry: It is an area where we find solutions for existing missing teeth, caries, fillings, or aesthetic problems, as well as getting to the root of these problems and why they occur. In this sense, I understand the demands and needs of my patients and offer the most ideal aesthetic and functional dental treatments.

I provide service in my own clinic on Göztepe way Kadıköy.

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Dt Nazan Nur Arik

Are you looking for a specialist dentist?

While we create the most ideal treatment protocols for our new patients, we also carry out the routine controls of our old patients with great care. Those who care about oral and dental health can always apply to our professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which teeth are smile design made for?

Smile design is a treatment protocol that we do with more anterior teeth intervention. Although we often do it on our upper jaw teeth, we decide which teeth and how many teeth we will apply according to the smile of our patients

Smile design can be done for everyone?

Smile design is a protocol that we can apply to most of our patients. If the procedure to be performed is appropriate with the expectations of our patients, we perform the treatment. We apply it to most of our patients who are systemically healthy and have good oral hygiene.

Am I a suitable patient for smile design?

After a detailed examination, we decide whether you are suitable for smile design. In a detailed examination analysis, several protocols may be required before the smile design, or the treatment processes are explained to you after it is deemed appropriate for the smile design.

Are all teeth cut in smile design?

In smile design, not all teeth are cut. We proceed with the principle of touching less teeth, which we call as minimally invasive as possible.

When is the implant applied?

In the presence of missing teeth, the implant protocol has now become a routine protocol. Instead of cutting and covering neighboring teeth or using removable dentures, a fixed dental prosthesis can be made with implant treatments.

Will there be pain during or after the implant?

The implant procedure is performed under local anesthesia. There is no pain during the procedure. To minimize the post-procedure pain, some medications are prescribed to our patients. Therefore, we follow all the right protocols so that our patients can complete the process with minimum pain.

What is the advantage of the implant?

Since the implants are made of very strong titanium screws that imitate the natural tooth root, our patients can use it for a long time without damaging the surrounding dental tissues. At the same time, since we take a retention from the jawbone, fixed or removable dentures on it, full (whole) mouth edentulous cases are more advantageous than palatal prostheses.

How long is the life/use period of the implant?

The success rate of implants is stated as 98% in the literature. However, the systemic condition, health status, smoking, oral care, and dental check-up times of our patients directly affect the life of the implants. Regarding this, we must neglect your doctor’s check-up every six months.

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