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Gum diseases are disorders that can be easily treated if intervened correctly. Clinically, we focus on the treatments you need while professionally serving the solution of many different gum problems.

The preservation of oral hygiene, which is very important for human health, is only possible with a healthy gum. Healthy and trouble-free gums open the doors of both a magnificent smile and aesthetics and a comfortable life.

What Happens If Gum Disease Goes Unnoticed?

In fact, gum diseases that start with simple symptoms should not be underestimated. Because if it is not taken into consideration, it can lead to big problems by progressing. Clinically, we treat each gingival disease with timely intervention and serve to protect healthy teeth going forward.

If the process that starts with a simple gingivitis is not prevented, it is possible to progress with bleeding findings. If you are suffering from such ailments, it means that a specialist treatment is needed.

Gum diseases, if not treated, can cause teeth to shake and lose in the following processes. It can even cause melting in the jawbone. With the appearance of discomfort, symptoms such as bleeding, retraction, swelling and redness may occur in the gums. In addition, complaints such as lengthening of teeth and opening of teeth are very common.

Over time, conditions such as bad breath and loosening of teeth may occur. When gum disease treatment is carried out at the right time, these situations can be easily prevented. Especially in smokers, due to the effect of nicotine, bleeding gums can be felt less and become difficult to notice. For this reason, it is important to understand the condition of the teeth during routine check-ups.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disorders can occur for more than one reason. The main cause is microbial dental plaques. However, characteristics such as diabetes-like diseases, hereditary factors and smoking are also various risk factors that trigger and facilitate the emergence of this disorder.

Routine controls are of great importance in order to gain awareness about gum diseases and to take early measures at the beginning of the problem. We inform our patients about their gums during the examination and provide detailed information about whether they need any intervention.

What is the Relationship Between Gum Disease and General Health?

Oral hygiene is a reflection of general health in many different ways. For this reason, it is a priority for every patient to achieve ideal oral hygiene. Although gum disorders are mainly due to the formation of plaque in the teeth, the presence of various systemic disorders can easily affect the tissues around the tooth. Diabetes-like disorders, especially those for which no treatment is carried out, tend to increase the level of gum diseases. Considering the large number of different factors, gum disease has an impact on overall health.

How is Gum Disease Treatment Done?

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The treatment of gum diseases caused by different reasons is also shaped according to the discomfort. For this reason, during the examination, we start the treatment processes by examining the cause of the gum disease and the extent of it. Thus, we continue our studies by determining the cause for an effective and successful treatment.

The first condition of treatment is generally to remove the hard deposits on the teeth with the help of special tools. In this way, one of the main sources of gum disorders is prevented. In order to carry out a successful treatment, it is important to provide information on how to remove the microbial dental plaques that cause the disease correctly with the help of dental floss and brushes.

In some simple gum disorders, removal of plaque from the teeth provides adequate treatment. However, in more severe cases of infection and advanced gum recession, detailed interventions may be necessary for treatment. The process of treating gum disease is determined entirely according to the plan needed by the person.

With the preparation and implementation of the right treatment plan, our clinic, which follows a successful path related to the treatment process by providing the necessary controls, is effective at every stage. Such applications are important for the follow-up of the treatment process of the disease and the prevention of recurrence. Periodic controls are determined depending on the risk factor in the disorder and the severity of the disease.

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